DST’s OntheGo! on the fritz?

So DST just launched it’s OntheGo! service which is a “mobile portal product by DSTCom providing information and entertainment contents which can be accessed by all DSTCom customers on 3G as well as on GPRS/EDGE.” (yet again with the ‘!’ at the end of the name). It seems like a competitor to bmobile’s mobi.TV but as you can see from the completely different channel selections they are for different target groups.

OntheGo! mobi.TV
Rates Various as below $9.90 for 16 channels (does not state if there is a charge for streaming, which I believe there would be)
News CNN CBNC,Al Jeezera
Sports ESPN Sports Golf Asian Tour, Extreme Sports
Entertainment Disney, Nickelodeon, Astro Ria, and Astro AEC fashionTV, F Men, Luxe TV, Asian Food Channel, Travel Channel, Fun Little Movies, E!, Fish Tales, Animax, Taffy Kids
Music MTV, Astro Hitz C Music, Trace TV
OntheGo! Rates
Browsing Free except for Mobile ESPN & Star SPorts Mobile $1 each per month. Islamic Portal $3 per month and data charges apply for Facebook, Yahoo!, Daily News, Simpur Mobile Portal & Music Chart
Video On Demand
< 2 minutes clip $0.30 per view / $0.50 per download
>= 2 minutes clip $0.50 per view / $0.80 per download
Video stream $0.05 per min
Live stream $0.05 per min
Webcams $0.05 per min
Ringtones, Phone Themes, Screensavers $1.50 per download
Wallpapers, Calendars, MMS Greetings $0.50 per download
MMS Uploading $0.05 per MMS
Games $4.00 per download

OntheGo! is trying to do more than mobi.TV by being a portal like iTunes which has it’s music store, video store and application store. It’s trying to be a one stop shop which for the moment. And I say this just from the information I get online (Brunei Times | Brudirect | Borneo Bulletin) because I can’t access the site on my phone / on my computer / via a proxy so I can’t take a look at what it’s like. I like the fact that they are trying to build media access on the go, however I think we still need better backend work. I’ve heard complaints about DST Go! speed, probably due to everybody jumping on that band wagon thus sharing the speed within the area of usage and I still get GPRS connection errors now and again. And I guess they should get the website up, running and ready when the news is out! Because that is totally unacceptable.

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