Wow… The guys from 20+ CG just celebrated my upcoming 26th birthday just now. And as they all left and I was clearing up and I thought. I was thinking that 26 seems so much older than 25 and that 26 years of life should account to something. I guess it’s like an epiphany, maybe not a huge one but an epiphany nonetheless. I remember I used to talk with NTT and how we would joke something like:

“So we’ve/I’ve lived X many of years and what have we/I achieved? ‘Nothing!'”.

(fill X with your age)

That ‘Nothing’ is a lie that we tell ourselves trying to belittle ourselves and yes we shouldn’t think that way, but I guess from tonight I want my life to mean something. I want the answer to the question to be ‘something’. I want to make a change. I want my life to mean something, but not just to me, because what is a life if a person changes only themselves and not touching the lives of others? They say no man is an island so let us not be islands. For those who know me, I’ve had my hermit island days and even the sit-at-the-back-of-church-and-play-with-my-PDA-you-better-not-bug-me days. But I think as I turn 26 I’m trying to be a link in a chain, a node in a mesh network, a seeder in torrents. Let us be a people that will not say “What have I done? Nothing!” but let us strive to be a people of change. I’m sure we’ve all heard of inspirational stories where they usually end the story with something like, “go chase your dreams” or “don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t make it”, so I kind of feel obligated to end off with a phrase. But I guess all I can say is, let your life not be nothing, make a difference. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, make a difference. As cliché as it may sound, it has so much more meaning to me right now.

Take care all and God bless!

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