I Love Kuala Belait

Raymond Crooke‘s song performance “I Love Kuala Belait”:

I saw this quite a long time back and I thought I posted it up but must have been the case of the tweets of Twitter (<shameless_plug>@TheWheat</shameless_plug>) that I tweeted and didn’t blog about. He was a part of a group called the Belaiters when he was here in Brunei and now it seems he’s trying to 1001 songs in 1001 days. Wow that’s commitment. The 1001 songs in 1001 days reminds me of Jonathan Coulton‘s Thing a Week project that led to his geek stardom and now he plays gigs across the US. And for all the JoCo fans out there don’t forget to get a copy of BEST. CONCERT. EVER. which was performed and recorded in front of a live audience in San Francisco, CA at The Great American Music Hall.


3 thoughts on “I Love Kuala Belait

  1. Hahaha I was planning to go around Brunei and actually get photos and videos of the places he mentions in the video and do a mash up of that. Don’t we all want to see the teapots sitting on the roundabout?

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