LCISOCreator – Copy Protection Error

I do not condone piracy however I believe in being able to create backup copies of CD/DVDs I have purchased. So I was doing a straight ISO copy of a DVD the other day using LCISOCreator and got the following error message: “Copy Protection Error – The read failed because the sector is encrypted”.


So I thought to myself, that in order to actually play the DVD, the data (in the sector) should be decrypted and then sent on to the DVD playing software in order to render on screen. So I tried this…. playing the DVD and leaving it at the root menu and start copying using LCISOCreator. And it worked! Sweet!


One thought on “LCISOCreator – Copy Protection Error

  1. Hi Sheng Hwee

    I see you are still as “greenish” in your computer screens. I thought there would be a radical change from your greenish blog to the current blue-sky blog :-p


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