The Unofficial Lite Edition of the Brunei Times’ E-Paper

The Brunei Times has their official E-Paper which is a digital version of their actual daily print edition but it’s based on Flash and it’s pretty cumbersome to navigate and read the papers. So I managed to extract the URLs of the images and create…

The Unofficial Lite Edition of the Brunei Time’s E-Paper

Perfect to load up the Complete version, let it load and have the entire newspaper right in front of you to start off your day.

Update (19/Nov/09): Seems that Brunei Time is blocking direct image loading. While a fix is being worked on, use Brunei Times E-Paper Downloader to get the news.


6 thoughts on “The Unofficial Lite Edition of the Brunei Times’ E-Paper

    1. Actually it started off in another post that is still in the process waiting for myself to port the BASH script to Windows. Not hard at all especially since all my links are to the original URLs. Thus I’m hotlinking =O Please don’t g***se me, I just want to read the papers in a way I prefer =)

  1. Great service. Love reading the paper this way. Pardon my ignorance but what address do I use to access the BT in this format each time? Also, what chance of doing this with Borneo Post and Borneo Bulletin – or am I being too greedy?

    Great job.

  2. @Brian G which format are you talking about? The default format is and you can get the address by right clicking the appropriate version on the page and select “Copy Link Location”.

    With regards to the Borneo Post or Borneo Bulletin, sorry to say I doubt that will come as I’m leveraging Brunei Time’s current implementation of their own E-Paper and just extracting the necessary parts to provide a light version. A similar task can be done with the Borneo Post and Borneo Bulletin if they have a similar online papers. Alternatively I could scan the papers and provide something similar, however scanned images will tend to be larger and not as clear as the pages supplied by Brunei Times. But I guess this is something that could be developed in the future. Thanks for showing the interest for the other 2 papers =)

  3. Hello, I would like to say thank you for the website and want to leave a feedback..

    Is it possible that you could incorporate using left & right direction button on the keyboard so that you could flip to the next page easily without using the next or previous link button?

    This method is usually used on online manga website such as – where you’d just just the left & right button to flip through the pages – although click on the image for the next thumbnail would be nice but using that feature for the larger image is already good.

    Well.. keep up the good work. Huhu.. Owh btw, you got a fast web host for those images, is the web host provider near Brunei or somewhere? I’m looking for a fast and reliable one. :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been wanting to do a new version for quite a while but things are busy and even busier now preparing for my wedding next month =)

      I believe the site hosting in US. Host is Site5 but blog ( is hosted on not the most flexible but I rather let them to the security and upgrades rather than having to worry about it myself =)

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