Brunei Times E-paper Downloader

Update (2010/08/10): It seems that The Brunei Times has changed their online newspaper to use SWF files instead of JPG files so you can’t easily view the files anymore =(. The download script has been changed to download SWF files
So I love the fact that The Brunei Times has a great looking website, started Twittering, had video news and most importantly has an E-Paper which is an exact replica of their actual newspaper available online. It’s great that they allow people to read the papers in such a way, but my distaste for Flash led me to be curious of how to get the actual images displayed for offline reading. While looking in Firefox’s web cache I found the URL of the pages:

Page 1 default view:
Page 1 zoomed in:

Armed with that knowledge I started building a script that would let me download these files onto my computer for reading at a later time and possibly even copying the files to my phone and reading it there.



  • Double click the download script to download the news for the day. This will download the news into a folder of the given date
  • Open the folder and read the news

Screenshot of downloaded files


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