Brunei eGovernment Citizen Survey

Do take some time out out fill in the eGovernment Citizen Survey

What is the purpose?

With the input from the community this survey will help the Prime Minister Office to identify which e-Government services are important to the citizens.

The survey is 28 pages in total and can get pretty time consuming. A compiled version is available here if you want to peruse the questions or even if you want to prepare your answers before answering the real survey.

This is organized by the Prime Minister’s Office, Infocom Federation Brunei in collaboration with E-Government National Centre and BAG Networks. I have to say kudos to the people in charge for taking the initiative for getting the public’s stand and input on something as important is this. I hope other organizations will take an example and try to communicate with the public to understand what is desired. This will help save time and resources of implementing a system only to find out that it is not wanted, thus not used and thus goes to waste.

Participants stand a chance to win prizes such as:

If you are inclined to meet the people in charge and ask further questions there are two more roadshows this coming Tuesday (15th December in Seria) and Sunday (20th December in Temburong)


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