bmobile iphone plans detials


9 thoughts on “bmobile iphone plans detials

  1. huh..can you tell me whats the advantage of this over buying an unlocked iphone and a separate bmobile line? i mean 1900BND is kinda going overboard

  2. The total cost is base cost for the phone and the monthly mobile phone plan over a period of 18 months. Basically you get a subsidized phone for signing up for a contract for a period of time (in this case 18 months). This is what they do in almost all parts of the World. The only thing is that you are tied down to the service for the duration of the contract period.

    You can buy an unlocked/never locked unsubsidized iPhone for ($1000++) and separate bmobile line and you will have the freedom to change providers.

    Take for instance the 16GB $35 package:
    via the package you pay: $1704
    Based on QQeStore pricing: $1138 + $35*18 = $1768
    You save: $60

    This may not be alot but you save more with the other plans. Also the plans are slightly different from the regular bmobile plans I think (can’t seem to access the site due to the usage of flash that isn’t loading properly). As I mentioned in my post I think it’s pretty good if you’re planning to get it as a 3G modem and get the unlimited data package ($65).

    1. Upfront payment = price of phone + line rental + license fee + deposit

      For 16GB w/ $65 smart plan:
      Upfront payment = 399 + 65 + 25 + (50 or 100) = B$539 (local) or B$589 (foreigners)

      I believe that’s right

  3. Hye, im really glad you have this post

    my comment is that so therefore, we cannot ‘escape’ from being in prepaid for 18months? For example, if i buy the iphone with the $35 per month, then i just pay $35 for only two months and i stop the prepaid, were we allow to do that? Just curious (:

    1. Well you could do that but since it’s a contract, you will be judged based on what the contract says. They could cut your service, reclaim the phone, take legal action or all the above and as it is a legally bound contract they have every legal right to do so. Either way you will have to pay them a certain amount of money: there is no easy way out or a shortcut to get things cheaper

  4. So if i want the iphone 16gb i have to pay

    $399+65+25+50= $539

    then the contract 65×18 months,i have to pay monthly by paying my bill only?or they need to check our salary like a loan or something?

    AND is this phone lock for bmobile only?cause im planning after 18 months im going to use DST back

    1. It should be 65×17 since you pay the first month upfront. I don’t think they ask for your salary slip cause this isn’t a loan and they are secured by the terms and conditions in the contract that you would have to sign. It should be the same as postpaid plan – they just expect you to pay monthly.

      I was told that the phone is the “never locked” version meaning that it should be totally unlocked and usable on any provider so going back to DST shouldn’t be an issue.

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