eSpeed Upgrade!

It all started with Tiong Loong’s tweet that stated:

Telbru is upgrading our espeed 512kbps bandwidth >>See my test result #brunei

So when I got home from work that day I did some speed tests and was pleasantly surprised that it was true!

Bandwidth Test showing 1Mbps down, 300kbps+ up
1Mbps+ down, 300kbps+ up

And so today 1/April/2010 Telbru confirmed it (but honestly what a bad day to pick to announce it)

Plan Old Bandwidth New Upgraded Bandwidth
e-Speed Value Surf 512kbps 1Mbps
e-Speed Lite Surf 640kbps 1.5Mbps
e-Speed Super Surf 768kbps 2Mbps
e-Speed Premium Surf 1Mbps 2.5Mbps
Corporate Broadband Lite 2Mbps 3.5Mbps
Corporate Broadband Max 3.5Mbps 5Mbps

eSpeed Upgrade poster


92 thoughts on “eSpeed Upgrade!

  1. Omg! My name is there :O. Erm.. I actually experienced d faster surfing on loading page, so i went to n did some speed test. Yet, i was surprising tat it has reached almost 1Mbps DL, and UL 300Kbps..
    Btw, i realised that download speed was slow, still almost like took me ages to download one song from 4shared. Speed below 10KB/s

    1. @TL

      Seem like everyone here got there speed upgrade, but the download speed doesn’t seem to increase, just like before, it only reach about 20KB.

      I have done so speed, when you are using p2p, your speed most like to be stuck at 20KB.
      but try to download a file from, your speed can reach 2.5mbps using $128 plan.

  2. lol how about dst go broadband, e speed is fast now , but dst now surfing is only at 100kbps, darn,,

    i am planning to resubscribe to espeed again

  3. doesn’t seem to be happening to me cause my speed is still the lousy 512kbps.. plus my torrents aren’t working at all today.. trackers all timed out.. i wonder whats going on at telbru

    1. yea, torrent is slow nowadaya and I guess Telbru is trying to restrict/block the Torrent port. Even I try to download one song from, the download speed gave me about 5KB/s below OMG!!!

      When the time I used 512Kbps, the download speed is consistent from 4shared, usually between 30-59KB/S and now is far opposite

      1. hhmm, i just called my friend living in bandar, He told me his torrent can each 100KB, so it seems the torrent is not blocked.
        I do have the same problem where all tracker is timed out. but my friend tracker is all private. so there might be a different. my torrent is not working since the 9th of march lol.

        I try to download from, i also got something like 4-9KB….

        Does anyone notice their upload is way faster than download?
        my upload can reach 100KB? Seem like the download and upload is opposite also ;p

  4. I guess Telbru is still upgrading their server(gateway to the world) although it’s already upgraded their bandwidth.

  5. My download has been a constant 100-150kb for the past year or so (using the 512kb plan since 2006). Only from good host sites though. Same goes for torrents. However for the past few days, I can’t seem to torrent anything. It stays 0kbps for days. =.=

  6. before the 10th March, my download speed with the boxxes is with 20kbps above, sometimes even up to 50kbps.. consider ok, but after the date, i totally get a 0.00kbps speed of downloading…

    i seldom use torrent though, but if its a new file, then i can get 40kbps above…

    what are TelBru doing anyway? it disappointed me, everyday i called and the answer is the same…

    Let us complain again… i wanna get back my download soon, i miss my dramas badly… :(

    1. I have been complaining since 9th of march “everyday”. Almost all stuff know my name there, Technician come to my premise everyday, but nothing has changed….

      I guess everyone have to do like what i do lol, then they will fixed it up :p

    1. The IP change will be rolled out bit by bit I would think. That will all depend on eSpeed technicians side. So just be patient =)

  7. According to @oxba’s tweet they have blocked torrents due to repair works. It seems from their track record Telbru either doesn’t respond or just isn’t forth coming or transparent with the information we (their customers) want and need. While I really dislike not knowing what is going on, complaining can’t do much and persistent calls (about the same problem) to their help center can make things worse. Tech support is hard and stressful because they are usually dealing with annoyed and angry customer complaints. I just hope we all can be civil about these problems and if they are really that bad perhaps consider DST’s Go!, downloads are pretty fast from what I’ve heard, but as well al 3G connections it depends on location and user saturation so your mileage may vary.

  8. I got a private message from Telbru via twitter, saying that old & new network is the same, thus IP is not necessary to change

  9. can you help me to ask abt the download problems? what is their real problem for me cannot download? the speed is totally 0.00 kbps..

    i really wanna download via clubbox and gogobox…

  10. its confirmed that they’ve blocked the p2p…

    which means we cannot download anything anymore…

    switched to DST tomolo…

  11. Hav u ask why all of sudden they want to block p2p, torrent? Hey, we’re using unlimited package eh. Come on brunei, we live in a peaceful country. Pls pls open d p2p port

  12. because they said.. shops like the coffee beans are complaining that their customers are getting lesser, and they request TelBru to block the p2p so that more ppl can come to their place to download and they can earn more $$…

    ok, i can’t accept this reason.. If for you, can you go to coffee bean just to download your stuffs? If the file is with 1.5GB, I’m sure we can’t finish the download in one night, it has to take abt 7~8 hrs to finish downloading them.. *sigh* what’s the use of sitting inside coffee bean just for download stuffs? If we chat with our friends, the most is for 4 hrs..

    Pls help me to complain.. Ask your friends who use e-speed to help too… We need our service back. Please……. and many many thanks… :)

  13. @sma… where did u hear from about the blocking of p2p requested by shop dealer/owner??

    If you have twitter, you can follow & contact Telbru. They’ve using this service. Few days ago, I lodged a complain via twitter with them & they replied me through direct message (twitter). So, I guess it would b better to talk online rather than calling 121

    To follow them, click link->

  14. omg.. today’s internet speed is worst… normally i switched on my pc and the internet is connected directly, but today, it takes abt 5~10 minutes to connect.. *sigh* i really wonder what they are doing..

  15. Sma, i guess they’re doing some minor upgrade. My internet is faster when access webpage and streaming as well. Only download files from certain web server give me below 100KBs, 10KBs, around 50-80KBs too when from good server

  16. Not to expect too high, at least we can watch youtube streaming is improved & smooth on most official videos…unlike during 512Kbps

  17. yeah, at least youtube improve a bit… but i still find it slow when loading the web pages.. like facebook..

    i still can’t download anything btw…

  18. Huh~ last week i went to my friend house near kianggeh and download a movie file, amazingly it reached 500 kb/s but decreased to 200 kb/s.. And thats the lowest i guess.. ABOVE IS ESPEED.. Btw about the broadband thinggy which is better go or zoom.. I’m at rimba.. And also a downloadER

  19. 0.00kb for espeed!! Eventhough there is an upgrade.. I think i better buy a broadband but dunno which one? Plz recommend me.. Also live near derimba.. For my itb intake

  20. huh? u also at 0.00 kbps for e-speed?

    oh well, i borrowed a Alcatel modem from my friend and test.. still, at 0.00 kbps.. Ppl from TelBru called me just now though,, they said they will check again.. on the cable..

  21. Sma, I was not at home this pm, so im not sure tat my internet is online o dc. Im using mobile to post this comment. So far p2p didnt work well for me., streaming frm youtube is fast than b4

  22. Sma,
    Are u still on 61.6.x.x network?? I am still on 61.6.x.x IP network. But one of my cousin who stay in Sungai Akar got a new IP of 118.x.x.x (guess is new network)., althougb he’s an old espeed user.

  23. I played at a cyber cafe such as rainforest and others, its espeed download reached around 200 kb and sometime 400 kb.. But min is 80kb bah~ dunno about the ip or the plan, as long as i can download my file its okay..(this is with an accelerator orbit from web hosting mediafire)

  24. yesterday totally dun have internet connection.. today they fixed it.. and changed the IP to 119.. But then the p2p still dun work…

  25. I guess they did something because AAG submarine cable has launched yesterday…going to check my ip later

  26. ok.. i wonder if i wanna believe the technician’s words the other day.. that the p2p cable is only open to the internet cafe..

    can’t think of another reason of why we can’t download from p2p related… but there’s also ppl who can download from p2p related right?

  27. It’s totally unfair that Telbru only provide p2p to cafe only. I dont think is a correct way of doing business like tat. Normally cyber cafe offers 1hr to surf net, while we can open anytime at home. Agree? And i also wonder y cyber cafe can have faster internet on multiple pc

  28. erm,,, we write to borneo bulletin to complain.. how?

    the above add is mp3.. even mp3 have problem loading.. but they said in the twitter that they didn’t block..i really wonder what happen…

  29. I have written to borneo bulletin so many times but it’s only published once since 8th of march? Did you guys really complaint to borneo bulletin. I only see my complaint get through?

  30. Dun believe at the technician words! P2p dun work at cafe.. Thats why i’m using web hosting..

  31. I think using “COMPLAIN” this word is totally useless to Telbru nowadays. As u can see that, some problem/issues leave it as transparent to some users.

  32. The test speeds are much improved but there must still be some traffic shaping. Torrents don’t connect and I used a torrent file supported by high speed servers in the USA as a check. No connection. Last week I d/led this file at over 200kBps. It’s bit of a slap in the face to read ‘excess’ bandwidth is being leased out when local customers pay excessive fees for unsteady service.

  33. i wrote to bulletin twice but never been published.. I guess its bcoz TelBru is currently promoting and the bulletin is protecting them? so thats y none of e-speed complains in borneo bulletin…

  34. I noticed this problem since the 8th of March.
    I am the one written to Borneo bulletin complaining about the local test meter.
    but as you see they reply in opinion page stating that the local tester is essential, but then they didn’t even mention about outside brunei in Borneo bulletin.
    I have been complaining everyday since 8th of march but i actually given up.
    I have been finding alternative and cost me a lot of money.
    I am a torrent user and i found out anything p2p related is slowed.
    I check the direct download from server is fine on reaching full speed.
    hence………. i paid 200+ each a year to subscribe to direct download server…
    What a waste of money….

  35. Dun give up.. we dun want we pay lots of money and they give us the speed like this right? I will complain again, until everything go normal like before..

    Let us call again later, regarding abt the p2p problem.. see what they tell us this time..

  36. I think is useless to complain at this time because telbru already mentioned tat p2p is not block. So is kinda waste of time calling calling to them. If me, i better go to their main exchange to meet their technician & engineers

  37. hey, how’s everyone’s p2p now? just saw on Twitter that TelBru said its ok with them oredi?

    but mine still dun work though

  38. Maybe they just tend to ignore our old network and only open to use by them only.. Sigh~ mine still doesnt work well. I try using limewire and the connection is weak then dc w/o any reason

  39. I wonder new network work well on p2p… New network able to use speed on demand while old netwrk cant. I’ve asked telbru in twitter las tym & they said ‘future’ to me… WHEN? Next mth, next yr,next 10yr?

  40. Now i’m in the new network… and i have the speed on demand…

    but the problem is, i still dun get any speed for the torrent / clubbox download, still stay at 0.00kbps.. I asked them and they said some places are still in investigating…

  41. Im still on old network.. My torrent worked well since yesterday :)…d speed is arnd 20-59KBs, depends on seeds too

  42. Torrent worked well for me since yesterday. I tried to download one file from certain torrent site & it gave me a download speed of 20+ – 49+ KB/s…which is consider ok..

    I am still on old network & cant use “speed on demand”, but nevermind who care about this service..

  43. telbru will reach two month milestone of dissatisfaction from their customer, hooray!!
    all line still blocked for torrent at about 50KB….
    This is really sick.

  44. i think telbru should have setup an online customer care, since everybody is using internet, if they have problem .they can provide quick and fast solution . it is painful to call them

    1. Yeah, Telbru needs to be more open to the general population. I’ve been happy with my eSpeed service with a change in modem and upgraded speed but I can say that it seems I’m only one of the lucky few that seems to have a good experience right now. Still here of lots of complaints

  45. can you all open youtube these two days? I can’t open it, the video just loading and nothing comes out…

    1. Yeah… I’ve been having some issues with YouTube where the page doesn’t load properly. I just refresh a few times and it’s ok

  46. hi, do you have dst go broadband, it is become worst and worst the speed, most of the time it is only 200kbps, worst than previous normal espeed(5ookbps)

  47. It has been months since i cannot download from torrents and clubbox Youtube is down as well (for me)

  48. oh finally got someone download from clubbox also..

    well, i’m lazy to complain everyday, but clubbox is where my source comes from, so i’m really hoping that it can be fix very soon, have u made your complain as well?

  49. nope.. no idea where to report to… i cant even download from torrents or clubbox.. sad life..

  50. i think i ll go with the twittering.. i m not gud with making phone calls… Wat should i type there?

  51. telbru has reached three months milestone of dissatisfaction from their customer, hooray!!
    all line still sucked for torrent at about 10-15KB
    Nothing has been done at all for the past three month and now youtube problem, not working, rapidshare is slow….
    what else…

  52. Omg.. My torrent is finaly working!! With a fast downloading speed of….. 2kb per sec

  53. Itz a lie! I’m on $128 line plan, but I’m still having around 1MiBps bandwidth. What’s worse is that speed-test shows download 800-1000KiBps [100-125 KBps download] but when I download something, it’s usually 0.5KBps – 4KBps.
    I’m sure it’s $128 line plan and checked with my dad to make sure.

    It’s already 4 months and still I don’t have the 2.5MiBps. Feels like a rip-off at this point. 4 months is a lot of time, enough time[as I heard user-base is not that big and not that scattered], to roll out the upgrades to different sections[as what they’ve told me they’re doing].

    Actually, it was fine about 2 weeks ago, I didn’t get my promised bandwidth but at least download was around 480-640KiBps. It started to crap-down to 5KiBps – 36KiBps around the 26th of July, 2010.

    1. The espeed line currently is on and off, a lot of people is guessing the telbru is tying to block the p2p issue which limited our connection speed.

      However, I don’t really think so about the special technique they use to block p2p…
      It is more like a congestion issue they are experience, I considered myself one of the first person who notice the line speed go down on the 8th of March. Then espeed is suffering for low speed. In the meantime, hong kong line is having a problem which strike by earthquake and then i notice ip change from 61. to 119. oh yea, i know they are moving me to new server. However thing stuck up and yes, all the way from 8 of march until now. which is exactly 5 months now.

      They might have already invested some rubbish for the server but not to admit it and then on the 1st of April, trying to promote “jokes is over” but the system didn’t perform like they would think of. since then, the story begin…..
      p2p block, congestion issue, migration issue, alcatel, hua wei, on site line error, check your cabling, router faulty…. you name it man…they will try to blame everything they can…..

      They will blame your cat if they saw it when their engineering visit your house [just a joke :p]

    1. Thanks for the info. It’s been like that for quite a while it seems. When I downloaded Ubuntu in April it was like that so I guess they are trying to make the network more stable / less congested by throttling P2P during the day time

  54. Telbru response to P2P throttling allegation is they are not doing it and they are still “troubleshooting” the problem. They are obviously telling lying for PR purpose which just taint their extremely poor reputation further more among those who are more tech knowledgeable.

  55. so what’s i sthe final vertic??? I just moved to Brunei about 1 month ago,, i thought the DST broadband was the way to go,,but apprently i was wrong… I’m currenlty paying $55 amonth not to bad, but i’m lower than snail.. The internet said upto 7.3MB,, year right, I reached 1.24MB at 2AM,, but normally i’m stuck between 2K and 4K (seria) and about 4-6K in Panaga… Should i go to espeed or the omi one? Is the Zoom really work??? All need it o view videos and video chats?

    I need at last 1.5MB… thanks

    1. Thanks for the feedback of Zoom! on the KB side of things. Mobile broadband (DST Go! or bmobile Zoom!) cannot give you guaranteed speeds so getting 1Mbps+ is already pretty good IMHO. eSpeed is supposed to be dedicated speed and for the most part it is fine for me. If you need dedicated speed go for eSpeed (1Mbps line). If you need mobility go for Zoom! or OMNI. In most of my mobile tests DST Go! mostly seemed to beat bmobile Zoom! in terms of speed but bmobile had better coverage

      1. any difference between the espeed and espeed lite.. Can you reach the 1.5MB or espeed value is as good as it’s going to get?

      2. @Cesar I can’t confirm whether eSpeed Lite is better than the typical eSpeed Value that most are on. I would think it should be better.

  56. My internet is really slow since 2 weeks ago…
    Telbru speed test is giving me 40kbps – 190kbps on a 1Mbps line
    Speedtest failed to complete the download most of the time

  57. It seems that they are having quite a few issues currently. Try Bandwidth tester it should be much easier to execute to check your connection within Brunei. Bandwidth outside the country could just still be a bottleneck issue. If your bandwidth within Brunei is not up to par, contact Telbru to send some people over to check your line connectivity.

  58. Ok,i did speed test next to repeater tower (Supa Saver) The fastest i got was 1.4MB @ 7:30PM (not bad at all).
    Seria (Shell Learing) .135Kb, and .335 (Outside Panage Golf Course)….. This was DST Go! Broadband

  59. my dst is always 20kbps sometimes even slow, it should not be that slow,my area pandan enam, dst is near pandan enam why is it so slow the signal is strong

    Kuala Lumpur, 25 October 2010 – U Mobile today announced that they are taking the first steps to deploy their 42Mbps Mobile Broadband network. Capable of delivering online connection speeds of up to 42 Mb per second, this is deemed the fastest broadband to date in Malaysia and U Mobile is the first to deploy it.

  60. P2P program still bloacked… I cant download torrent files anymore if like that.. Only midnight can use torrent until morning 7am only.. What happened actually?

    1. They have probably blocked P2P traffic during the day when most people use the Internet in efforts of making the network less congested and hopefully give a better Internet experience. Probably not ideal for everybody but if it helps bring a better Internet experience for Brunei, I honestly have to say I support this.

  61. When can i use torrent again…! I know complaining here is no use but.. Just wanna let everyone know how frustrated i am >=(

    1. The thing is, they should just limit the speed of p2p rather than completely blocked. What happen to those who download linux image distribution and submit bug report? They should just limit the speed to let said 50K instead of blocking the whole thing.

  62. Can anyone help me to check, whether telbru is doing port block?
    Ok, i have a series of port foward setup in my router
    when i use to check whether the port is block, most are block excpet those comment one to use like remote desktop and vnc.
    try to check yours?

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