Brunei National Swimming Pool Opening Hours

For all those swimmers out there, here’s the new opening hours for the pool for your reference:

Monday: 830am-6pm, 7pm-9pm
Tuesday: 830am-6pm, 7pm-9pm
Wednesday: 830am-6pm, 7pm-9pm
Thursday: 830am-6pm
Friday: 830am-11am, 230pm-6pm, 7pm-9pm
Saturday: 930am-6pm, 7pm-9pm
Sunday 830am-6pm, 7pm-9pm

Update (15/Aug/2011): During Puasa / Ramadhan the pools is only open from 9pm-10pm

Brunei National Stadium Swimming Pool Opening Hours
Swimming Pool Opening Hours
Opening Hours During Ramdhan/Puasa 9pm-10pm
Opening Hours During Ramdhan/Puasa 9pm-10pm

16 thoughts on “Brunei National Swimming Pool Opening Hours

  1. Lol thanks for this. I had to find out about the time changes when one day in April I came by the pool after 6 and they told me I had to wait till 7.

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