Local Bandwidth Tests

With the recent changes with eSpeed you’d like to know if you’ve been upgraded so here are 2 local bandwidth test sites that should enable you to check your bandwidth with between you and Telbru (and DST possibly) (no Flash required) (Flash Required)

Note that these will show you local link within Brunei and just because your local link has the full bandwidth doesn’t necessarily mean that all your downloads will get the full speed of connection. To check the speed with the outside world try bandwidth testers like Speedtest.net.


One thought on “Local Bandwidth Tests

  1. Help!! Should i go with espeed 1mbps which currently have problew with other user (eventhough my friend still has its espeed speed download and p2p) Or with broadband? My dst easi bandwidth test show a 2.5mbps with hsdpa mobile phone at my area but its inconsistent.. Help.. Tasukete!!

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