Don’t We All Love Competition?

So it all started with Concepts offering a promotion for senior citizens (aged 50 and above) and DST card holders for the Acer Aspire One 255 for B$498. Soon after that I saw Yappe advertise in the newspaper offering the same model netbook for the same price. Not to be out done Netcom offered a similar offering but with the Acer Aspire 533. The 533 is equipped with the newer N475 processor, runs DDR3 RAM and has Bluetooth 3.0 according to the specifications while the 255 runs on an older processor with DDR2 RAM (and no Bluetooth according to specs). According to the specifications the 255 could also come with a lower rated 3 cell battery meaning a lower battery life. On a bright note both seem to support Android InstantOn which I am curious to play around with. I will update on the configurations when I can but all I can say is that I continue to support Concepts as they are the leaders in these promotions and it is good to see that other shops are following suit and trying to compete. However it is a bit hard to support Concepts here when the 533 from Netcom seems like a better deal. At the end of the day we, the consumers, are the ones who benefit from this competition and I for one am welcome to see more competition in Brunei. Perhaps the next step is to offer better customer support/service?


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