Customer Service

A few weeks back I had a food tasting session at Orchid Garden and we were happily enjoying the food until the final dish when we were greeted by a entree that we did not specify. It was supposed to be Chinese pancake with sesame covered balls filled with red bean but we got some layered cake and pandan puff (pandan filled curry puff). The unwanted dish was among the initial list of dishes that they would normally serve by them, but my mother/’aunt’ had told the guy in charge, several weeks back, that we wanted to change it to the Chinese pancake and sesame balls.

As the dish that was presented before us wasn’t one we wanted, we informed the (head?) waitress and she said that she understood but since this is a food tasting session we can always change it at the actual dinner. How are you supposed to conduct food testing when the food you want to test isn’t served? I wasn’t satisfied with her answer and apparently neither was my mother or aunt and they managed to ask the chef out of the kitchen to discuss this matter (there wasn’t anybody else in the restaurant so I hope and I guess that did not inconvenient any customers). Seems that there was some confusing or lack of communication and our request was not listed but in the end the chef did prepare the dishes we had wanted.

Around the same time I had a hankering to buy a webcam to try out some stuff. I managed to get an ProLink PCC8020A which is an auto focusing webcam that has ability to record at 1280×1024 (Windows only though) for B$37 from Oregon Systems (located next to Rejoice Chicken Rice in Gadong). Anyway I was playing around with it and swiveled it left and right and managed to break it. Now I didn’t anything that was intended to break it nor did I do anything that it wasn’t designed to do. I took it back and they were kind enough to give me a replacement webcam without any questions asked after I explained to them what had happened.

Recently my brother got a car and when he picked it up, it was handed over by a person who wasn’t the salesman he was dealing with. The car did not have a full tank of petrol but a couple of days later the salesman that he was dealing with called him up and offered to refund him the money for the full tank of petrol. How good is that?

Customer service is important and I believe here in Brunei we need a great improvement. I’m not just talking about when people have complaints but even as a normal customer asking questions: be attentive and courteous. Treat them as how you want to be treated. A bad customer service experience is what will put people off from coming back. Anybody care to share there customer service experiences in Brunei? Please try to be as constructive when giving these feedback as we are all here want Brunei to be a better place =)


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