I’m Getting Married!

So I should be getting married tomorrow 10am if all things go according to plan and in the process of getting ready for tomorrow and the event, I had a few tech ideas: some which made it and some which didn’t I guess. I’ll talk more about them after I’m back from my honeymoon. Just hope to share and give ideas to others for their own events.

But for now, the live stream is done via the uStream service using uStream Producer client application that utilizes an EasyCap USB dongle (Amazon, DealExtreme) connected to the church cameras =)



4 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married!

  1. Hey Sheng Hwee!! Congrats!! Time flies.. have not visited your blog since uni days.. it seems that you have changed from a black and green guy to a more simple blue and white website =P. Will you be posting yr wedding photos??

  2. Dude, just got the news – congratulations! Wishing Ya Chee and you all the best in everything!

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