Google Support. Where are you?

So my Nexus 4 started acting up 2 weeks ago: the left section of the screen doesn’t respond to touch: essentially anything between the vertical red and blue lines is non-responsive to touch. Watch the video to see it in action.


So I called Google and they advised to do a factory reset, which I did 8 days ago, and proceeded to reply the email I got for my case (which I still have no reply as of today).

Google Case Email

So I gave them a call the following day, which they told me that my device is still under warranty and that their “Termination Team” would get back to me. It’s been a full week since I called them and they have yet to get back to me. 

Call to Google

A twisted idea that came to mind, is that the longer they make me wait, the more chances I have for accidentally dropping my phone and getting it cracked or something that puts it out of warranty, and thus my wanting to document my perfectly fine looking phone (i.e. not physically damaged) just in case they were to try pull this stunt if I do accidentally drop it (I am being too paranoid aren’t I?).

But anyway, Google support, where art thou? Can you please terminate me/my Nexus 4 in a good way?


P.S. If Google support is having manpower issues, I wouldn’t mind helping them out to ensure customers aren’t getting left waiting for a week without a response.


Hiatus and Transitions. 2011 to 2012

So it’s been a month since the last post. Caught up in finishing up a work contract and organizing MovemberBN. Got sick in the midst of things, and had to wrap up Brunei life as I left on the 9th of December for a week of travel to KL, Singapore and finally to Melbourne where I will possibly/hopefully be indefinitely (until the wife finishes her PhD).

As the year ends and 2012 beckons, there was quite a lot that was done this year. Finally started up Corner Geeks after finding the fantastic mr @mfirdaus, got involved with some events (Twestival, Live Streaming of ran8adidas, MovemberBN) and managed to get recordings (Brunei Online – Social Media: that’s where it’s @, Convergence) and met some fantastic people.

Going forward, Corner Geeks will still be active as Skype makes things possible so long as I don’t hit my Internet cap here in Australia (be thankful for no bandwidth caps back home Brunei!). If my visa gets approved, I will be here for 2+ years and thus would not be able to get physically involved with Brunei on-goings as I did this year. This will indeed be sad, as things seemed to start gearing up this year and I’m sure next year will be a much bigger year with more things in store. So to all those in Brunei, hope you enjoy the ride that next year, it’s going to be great!

Bye bye Brunei, hello Melbourne.

This Week in the Life of a Tech Curious Guy: Pilihan FM Online Streaming – Part 1

Hearing the calls of people wondering how to listen online to Pilihan FM 95.9, a national news radio station. Previously there was an online streaming feature but it seems to have broke. I managed to track down the website page that I presumed used to stream online but it just gave a Flash player that did nothing after pressing the “Play Radio” button. So being curious as I am, I took a look at the source of the page to see if there was any hints of the URL that they used for streaming. Sadly there was nothing, just the .swf Flash file, meaning that the Flash file itself has the necessary information to start the stream. What I needed was a Flash decompiler.

A quick Google search and I found flash-decompiler on Google code, which so conveniently is an Adobe Air application and thus is cross platform. Typically tools such as these are built for Linux or Windows, but I’m running OS X so at least I didn’t have to use another computer or boot up a Virtual Machine to use the tool. The decompiler was easy enough to use: just supply the location of the Flash file and click “Parse” and it greeted me with 3 tabs: “Header Section”, “Tags” and “AS3 Classes”. The “Tags” tab seemed to have quite a bit of information so slowly I took a look at it, trying to find what the play button did and if there was any URL that it processed. After a bit of search viola! mms:// was found!

I tried to load the stream, but there was no response. So it seemed that this was a dead stream that no longer exists or that the streaming device / configuration just died. So this round 1 of exploration is deemed as a failure results-wise as the goal of being able to stream the radio online was not met.

So what do you do, when services provided by others don’t work? Well you roll your own solution! In the continuation post we shall learn how to stream audio from a device to the World thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Stay tuned!

Tumblr shall be my stream

So I have decided to jump onto the Tumblr scene. Well not exactly. I thought it would be good as a bookmarking service and more for sharing other people’s content. This will still be the main blog of my own content but if you want to see what I find cool / interesting or just something I want to share you can follow me at

Wedding Ideas – #1 – Get a logo

So when I found out I was getting married (or rather when I put my work aside to actually prepare for the wedding) I wanted something different: be it invites, presentation or something to add some spunk to it. By default it would be streamed live over the Internet and recorded for keep sake. But I wanted more

Idea numero uno came to me after Easter service. The image in my mind was the Portal logo. It started off with just changing the portal into a heart. Then I thought the logo should have 2 characters and have it to be the bride and groom. So after messing around with the GIMP I came up with this quick draft.

From Portal:

to this:

For those unfamiliar with the “this is a triumph” bit of the logo please refer to the following YouTube video below of Still Alive sung by Jonathan Coulton

After more tweaking and some designing I was amazed to find a pretty decent logo as I’m no designer. And even better, when I imported it into Inkscape and converted it to a vector image it turned out very nice. So now I have a vector image of my wedding logo. I hope Valve will be ok with me using it =)

To add to my delight my friend commented that it was a good take on ‘falling into love’ which was a totally unintended, but very welcome, consequence =)

In following posts I will outline how to make an normal image into vector graphic and the benefits of vector graphics

I’m Getting Married!

So I should be getting married tomorrow 10am if all things go according to plan and in the process of getting ready for tomorrow and the event, I had a few tech ideas: some which made it and some which didn’t I guess. I’ll talk more about them after I’m back from my honeymoon. Just hope to share and give ideas to others for their own events.

But for now, the live stream is done via the uStream service using uStream Producer client application that utilizes an EasyCap USB dongle (Amazon, DealExtreme) connected to the church cameras =)

Mousey mousey where are thou?

So I’m looking for my other mouse (the computer kind, not the animal kind) and I hear myself thinking

Where could it be? My room isn’t that big

Then I hear myself retort

But it is that messy

Touché. Well put and well played. I should do something. Who wants to come over? It’ll usually ‘force’ me to clean up some what hahaha

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Wondering where the old me is

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy the me that I used to be. The days of Digg, Reddit, Ars Technica, Brudirect RSS reading have been something I’ve shelved for the past few months. That and geeking out: playing around with J2ME / PHP / Linux. I’ve been trying to get back in the groove of what I used to do and at relish the experience but alas the things I throw at the wall don’t seem to stick. I guess in the busyness / constancy / way that life has been for the past few months I’ve lost a part of who I was.

The past few weeks have been filled with changes: I’m an uncle now and the challenges of last and this week have been a great learning experience. I know there always comes a time when we lose ourselves and in order to get back to our ‘old selves’ we try to do things way we used to in hopes to achieve the same past experiences. I’ve done a bit of that recently and I haven’t been getting anywhere. So I have 2 options as I see it: 1) try some more or 2) see what this new phase of life has to offer me, and I’m seemingly tired of trying. The last few days God has revealed things to me and I just pray that He continue to reveal what this new phase in life is for. So I wait for an answer to this journey’s life question.