Wedding Ideas – #1 – Get a logo

So when I found out I was getting married (or rather when I put my work aside to actually prepare for the wedding) I wanted something different: be it invites, presentation or something to add some spunk to it. By default it would be streamed live over the Internet and recorded for keep sake. But I wanted more

Idea numero uno came to me after Easter service. The image in my mind was the Portal logo. It started off with just changing the portal into a heart. Then I thought the logo should have 2 characters and have it to be the bride and groom. So after messing around with the GIMP I came up with this quick draft.

From Portal:

to this:

For those unfamiliar with the “this is a triumph” bit of the logo please refer to the following YouTube video below of Still Alive sung by Jonathan Coulton

After more tweaking and some designing I was amazed to find a pretty decent logo as I’m no designer. And even better, when I imported it into Inkscape and converted it to a vector image it turned out very nice. So now I have a vector image of my wedding logo. I hope Valve will be ok with me using it =)

To add to my delight my friend commented that it was a good take on ‘falling into love’ which was a totally unintended, but very welcome, consequence =)

In following posts I will outline how to make an normal image into vector graphic and the benefits of vector graphics


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