Hiatus and Transitions. 2011 to 2012

So it’s been a month since the last post. Caught up in finishing up a work contract and organizing MovemberBN. Got sick in the midst of things, and had to wrap up Brunei life as I left on the 9th of December for a week of travel to KL, Singapore and finally to Melbourne where I will possibly/hopefully be indefinitely (until the wife finishes her PhD).

As the year ends and 2012 beckons, there was quite a lot that was done this year. Finally started up Corner Geeks after finding the fantastic mr @mfirdaus, got involved with some events (Twestival, Live Streaming of ran8adidas, MovemberBN) and managed to get recordings (Brunei Online – Social Media: that’s where it’s @, Convergence) and met some fantastic people.

Going forward, Corner Geeks will still be active as Skype makes things possible so long as I don’t hit my Internet cap here in Australia (be thankful for no bandwidth caps back home Brunei!). If my visa gets approved, I will be here for 2+ years and thus would not be able to get physically involved with Brunei on-goings as I did this year. This will indeed be sad, as things seemed to start gearing up this year and I’m sure next year will be a much bigger year with more things in store. So to all those in Brunei, hope you enjoy the ride that next year, it’s going to be great!

Bye bye Brunei, hello Melbourne.


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