Archos Gen 9 Tablets

Archos 80 G9

Archos adds new Honeycomb tablets to their line up as well as other interesting home appliances.

Notable Specifications

  • ARM dual-core CORTEX A9 OMAP4 1.5 GHz
  • Archos 80 G9: 8″ 1024×768 / 16GB: US$330 / 250GB: US$399
  • Archos 101 G9: 10″ 1280×800 / 16GB: US$399 / 250GB: US$499
  • 1080p video playback
  • 720p front camera with 720p encoding
  • USB host
  • microSD slot
  • HDMI output
  • Built-in kick stand
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours of Internet surfing / 7 hrs of video playback / 36 hrs of music playback
  • Availability: end of September (according to Engadget)

Both surprisingly run Honeycomb and there is only a front facing 720p webcam, but expect to see great multimedia playback up to 1080p. See the full specs here. Interestingly there is also a USB slot for a 3G dongle that fits seamlessly into the tablet: an interesting option.

I was pretty into the Archos 70 IT when it was announced due to it having Froyo, Flash, USB host and HDMI output. However some quality issues (some reported screens was assembled upside down and thus viewing angles were wrong: they watched videos with the device upside down) and some Android issues (low app storage space and no Market / Google apps) led me not to get one. With Honeycomb the low app storage space should be solved and hopefully they work on better quality this time around. Also the upgrade options for Archos may not be the best: they may update fixes, but looking from their device line up it seems they won’t upgrade major Android versions. Their last generation are still on Android 2.2 while some of their budget tablets are on Android 2.1, and I’m not sure if this behaviour will change with Honeycomb. So to be on the safe side; if you plan to purchase these tablets, get them for what they can provide out of the box not for what you think they can do with any future updates.


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