First of all thanks to Gordon in his latest post =D=D Free games!!! yay!!!! =D
Looking at the games and reliving my old days gone by :(:)
A few (actually quite a lot :P) of games to mention:
Altered Beast: I remember playing this game on the Sega Genesis. So fun :P
Battle Chess for Windows: I believe I had this game for DOS on my old old old OLD computer which got ‘stoned’. I mean it. When we turned it on 1 day it say something along the lines of “This computer is stoned” :P Virus or what not it was an old computer that we got rid of.
Ironman: Dont be fooled by the name, the full name is Ironman Off Road!!!! Yea!! Off Road!!! I remember playing that in an arcade in Australia or somewhere!! Even have it on the Nintendo Gameboy =D Fun racing game =D
Lamborghini American Challenge: Had this game for the Super Nintendo. Not a great game but just thought it was worth mentioning as I remembered I had it :P I think I remember 1 race where I didnt hit any cars and I go a special bonus =D :P
Bubble Bobble: Ahhhh a classic. When I play this I want to be the GREEN dragon (at least I think its a dragon) :P
Castle Wolfenstein: hehehe just look at the graphics :P Never played the game but worth a mention.
Wolfenstein 3D: I played this on my sisters old laptop a P1 166MHz if I remember correctly. It was in black and white though, I think. Unless my memory fails me again, which I wouldnt be surprised though :P I’m growing old :P
Castlevania: Nintendo memories :)
Civilization 1: One for those Civilization fans ;-)
Civilization 2: I remember playing this on my P1 133MHz system. Pretty fun game except for the fact that it takes so long
Command & Conquer: Never played this though I’ve played the sequal and have the the later sequals. Think I’ll try it out 1 of these days :)
Cool Spot: The 7-up spot!!!!
Doom 2 – Hell on Earth: Now this is a game I have to play as well. Seeing how I’ve never played a Doom game or a Duke Nukem game to think of it
Double Dragon: Ahhh Billy and Jimmy where were we? :P Had this for the old computer I not sure which 1 because I forget :P
Double Dragon 3 – The Rosetta Stone: Me thinks me had this game for the Sega
Duck Tales: Scrooge McDuck!!! And his lucky lucky dime!!!! I want to swim in coins like he did :P
Dune | Dune 2: Never played them but wanted to and now I can =D
Earthworm Jim: Everybody’es favourite worm, aside from those in the Worms series by Team 17
Final Fantasy – Endless Nova: For thos FF fans out there
Ghostbusters 2: “Who you gonna call?”, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!
Golden Axe: Had this on my old old computer as well :) Fun multiplayer game =D
Grand Theft Auto: The father of the GTA series. Actually I downloaded this game a long time ago from the producers but never got around to playing it :P
Lemmings | Lemmings 2 – The Tribes: The Lemmings are coming the Lemmings are coming!!! Well maybe more like falling… falling into the sea :P
Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring“: This game caught my eye especially since I have yet to watch the 3rd installment of the movie :P
MDK (Murder Death Kill): Having borrowed MDK2 from a friend I had to mention this.
Mechwarrior: I dont know why I always like Mechwarrior 2 eventhough I’ve never played it. I guess the game catches my eye especially with several installments of the game (at least 4 games right?)
Micro Machines: I had Micro Machine TOYS when I was little. I liked cars :P And racing games :P
Mortal Kombat | Mortal Kombat 2: A game that caught on more because of the blood than the gameplay I think. Sick sick children were the kids of my time :P But still fun in a way I guess :P I remember how they were showing off their ‘digitized’ graphics which I still dont really like, though I gave a unique feel to the game.
Operation Wolf: ahhhh I remember playing this in a arcade with those mounted guns :P
Pandemonium: I only really know this game because it was 1 of the games released on the Nokia N-gage (spelling?) and I played it a bit on the N-gage :P
Paperboy: 1 more of those games that I remember playin in the arcades. AAhhhhh memories. I also remember playing those water guns games at the arcade in Marina Square :P
Populous: This game only caught my eye because of the main screen. Looks like the Warcraft II main screen
Puzzle Bobble: Another arcade game which, I might add, many girls seem to be fond of.
Rampage: Its good to be big apes and climb buildings :P
Sim Farm | Sim Tower | SimCity 2000 | SimCity Classic: Games from the “Sims” franchise
Skate or Die | Ski or Die: I remember these games. Never played them but I liked the name of the games :P
Softporn Adventure: The thing that caught my eye is that this is a TEXT BASE game :P lol I shouldn’t be advertising porn here should I? :P But I found it funny anyway :P
Street Fighter 2: The mother of all fighting/beat-em-up games. AAhh the memories of trying to do a dragon punch and end up getting a raw hurting thumb :P
The Lost Vikings: The Vikings!!!!
The Smurfs: La la lalalala la lala lala. La la lalalala la lala lala =D
Wacky Wheels: Another fun racing game =D
Warcraft: The mother of all RTS (real-time strategy) games? Something I HAVE to play :P

Whoa now thats a long post. So many links :P Happy looking for free games =D And thanks again Gordon :P


2 thoughts on “FREE GAMES!!!!

  1. Free games! There are a lot of sites for abandonware. Do a Google for “the underdogs”, that was a pretty good site but you are limited to only one download at a time.

  2. omG!! i played ironman too! XD but i really can’t drive cars this way XD i get so disoriented at the start!
    oh ya, i played lemmings too! but i think a better version :P those lemmings drives me nutZ

    there are other classic games i would recommend, like loderunner and psycho pinball.. don’t know where to find them tho XD

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