Livelink Errors

So I got the following these 2 errors with Livelink on Monday when trying to save a workflow

  • Upload Error: Upload of Workflow changes failed and was aborted due to a communications error. Your workflow is still unsaved. Sorry.
  • Input Stream Read Error: Failed Input Stream read from localhost because of exception access denied (java.util.PropertyPermission http.strictPostRedirect read)


Never had these errors before and after some investigation the problem was…. Firefox! Using Internet Explorer was fine. The strangest thing is that when I create a new workflow in Firefox and save it, there’s no issue, but when I open this particular workflow and make any sort of change it throws those errors (I could even open the workflow, make no changes and save it).

P.S. ScribeFire isn’t uploading images, go figure, so Windows Live Writer to the rescue. Live Writer is feature rich and with a sweet WYSIWYG editor but I rather not open another application just to blog. Simplicity FTW!

P.P.S. I found the problem with ScribeFire: use split-screen mode instead of opening in a new tab. I remembering having an issue with new tab opening and image upload not being there. It’s similar to this:

One thing though I had previously mentioned, the new “Upolad Via API”
option for the image uploader that was included in version 1.3.5 is not
available when the editor is opened in a tab.


3 thoughts on “Livelink Errors

  1. “This is an issue with any instance and workstation that has all of the following: 1) IPv6 enabled on the server 2) Java 1.5_18 or later on the workstation 3) The content server (livelink) system is configured to use the IP inside its cookie 4) The URL that the user is accessing does not reference the server by its IP When all of these conditions are met, this error will happen. The only workaround currently is to remove one of the items above by either not using the IP address in the cookie, using the server’s IP address in the URL instead of the DNS name, downgrading the workstation’s version of java, or disabling IPv6. Our developers are still investigating a possible solution for this issue, but I do not have any additional details at this time. If you would like to be added to the list of affected customers, please open a ticket with Customer Support. Once we have an official ticket number, we can add you to the list. I hope this is helpful.
    Regards, Ryan Long Principal Product Specialist OpenText Customer Support ”
    Credit given to Ryan Long

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