App of the Day: ScribeFire

In my search of being lazy and wanting to blog I stumbled upon ScribeFire which is a Firefox extension/add-on.
Features that I love:

  • image upload function (to ftp or WordPress itself)
  • Tags (or Categories for WordPress – don’t think can add/delete/modify though)
  • WYSIWYG/source editing
  • I highly suggest it as if you use Firefox it’s just a simple add-on and doesn’t require installation of a separate application while providing good and simple blogging tools. Only downside is that there doesn’t seem to be much information of on the features it provides on the ScribeFire website.

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    Edit: My bad you can add new Categories. You can even edit posts if you press the right button (which I didn’t the first time :P)

    App of the Day: Crossloop

    Just want to say Crossloop rocks!

    CrossLoop – Simple Secure Screen Sharing

    • Connect Any Two PCs on Earth
    • Available in 21 Languages
    • File Transfer Capability
    • Switch control to make collaboration easier
    • View Only and Share Control modes

    Indeed simple to use, the only problem is that there needs to be an actual person on both ends as there is manual interaction which is actually an added layer of security.

    On the computer you want to connect to.

    1) Start Crossloop

    2) Click the Host tab

    3) Tell friend (the person who wants to control the PC) the Access Code

    4) Click Connect (can specify if session is to be controllable by the client or just a view only session by clicking the keyboard and mouse icon)


    For the connecting client computer

    1) Start Crossloop

    2) Get Access Code and type it in

    3) Click Connect

    4) Host computer screen should pop up in a VNC window for control / view (depending on host setting)

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    Edit:- I don’t know why I called it Crossloops when it is so clearly stated Crossloop (no wonder I couldn’t find info about it in Google :P)


    If you ever wanted to have tabs for applications that dont support them? Well with WinTabber you can.. in a way

    What is WinTabber ?
    WinTabber is tabmanager that can add tab support to almost any window under windows 2000/XP. Working with tabbed windows works faster and efficiently.

    Basically it gets rid of the title bar of any window you currently open and puts it in the WinTabber application as a tab. You can move through tabs in WinTabber using your mouse or the Ctrl+Tab (or Ctrl+Shift+Tab) shortcut most of us would be used to if you used any tabbed application before (e.g. Opera, Firefox). You can open multiple WinTabber windows to organise different windows but you can’t put a WinTabber window as a tab in another WinTabber window. Tabs can be released to restore it as a window on its own. A good application to help you remove some clutter from the taskbar and boost your productivity.

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    Application of the Day?: SUPER

    SUPER: © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer. In other words an application that lets you convert videos from 1 format to another. After being mentioned on DL.TV episode 177 I did some searching on it and found a complaint saying that it is in violation of the GPL and LGPL. Despite an odd complaint of this software installs spyware and doesn’t cleanly uninstall. Initially I was wary of the program but after seeing it on Softpedia with the 100% free award which states the following:

    Softpedia guarantees that SUPER 2007 build 22 is 100% FREE, which means it is a freeware product (both for personal and commercial use) that does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

    So that calmed me until now. I should do some testing on the software, I will try do so if I have the time and if I’m using Windows. But despite the controversy I have to say that it does work flawlessly. Simple drag and drop, select output format, click encode (leaving the defaults on) and it starts encoding the file.
    Use with caution

    Application of the Day: Winmerge

    Winmerge: a sweet application with great keyboard shortcuts to let you compare and file differences and merge them. Allows merging into existing file but is only for Windows (well I guess you could guess that from the name). KDiff3 is a good alternative with cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac, Un*x) but when saving the merged file it prompted to save as a new file not an existing file. I had over 50 files to merge today so I didn’t want to manually file each file and save them individually.