Social Moths

While the folks in Singapore has which is a Community Singapore Blog Aggregator developed by U-zyn who has even been touted as the next Kevin Rose and was nominated as one of Business Week 25 Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs.

Well us Bruneians have…

Social Moths

Socialmoths Screenshot
(click to enlarge)

Still blog-hopping to see the latest updates from some of the most popular Bruneian blogs? Well hop no more, in here you’ll find all the latest post from them.

This is a great site for those who want to know what Brunei bloggers are up to, especially with the recent on-going article at CNET Asia entitled “Brunei Bloggers, a retrospective look” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

It’s a great medium for those who haven’t found the joy of newsfeeds (e.g. RSS). But while I wonder where the “Register my blog” link or FAQ is, it makes me think I’m not much of a social moth to know how this site works *shrug*

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–Update 090206: Added screenshot of Socialmoths

No software is free?

So I finally started reading Clipmarks again and like reddit and Digg it’s a great place for random news and stuff. For the benefit for those who haven’t heard or used Clipmarks, it is a site that aggregates clips made by users of the articles or webpages they visit. User clip the most important / interesting parts of the article which is what is presented to the reader along with the original source to get the full story. It’s a great concept and a good place to get random or filtered information. You can even create your own searches, e.g. one for Linux or Technology.

Anyway I found an article entitled ‘Stupid Teacher’ that I just had to post: Original article w/ email response | clipped article. Though I think it’s more of an uninformed/ignorant teacher rather than stupid, but she should have done more research before sending out that email.

“…observed one of my students with a group of other children gathered around his laptop. Upon looking at his computer, I saw he was giving a demonstration of some sort. The student was showing the ability of the laptop and handing out Linux disks.

confiscating the disks I called a confrence with the student and that is how I came to discover you and your organization. Mr. Starks, I am sure you strongly believe in what you are doing but I cannot either support your efforts or allow them to happen in my classroom. At this point, I am not sure what you are doing is legal. No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful. These children look up to adults for guidance and discipline. I will research this as time allows and I want to assure you, if you are doing anything illegal, I will pursue charges as the law allows.

I just had to laugh at the “No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful” bit. Come on people, get with the times, with the free and open source software movement up and about, bringing us software like Linux, Ubuntu and most notably Firefox, one can no longer say something like “no software is free”. Of course this concept of free is free as in beer, cost-wise. The other type of free (libre), as in speech, now that’s a whole topic altogether.

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Cbox RSS Feed

I just found out Cbox (a Free Tagoard and Chat Widget) actually has an RSS feed for the posts. Happened when I Googled rss site: (non link)

Find your CBox URL and for the and replace the value for the “sec” attribute with “rss” instead of “main” (the actual entries) or “form” (the input form to add another entry).

CBox page:
CBox entries URL:

Finding the CBox URL

Cbox owner

  1. Go to the publish page in the Cbox control panel
  2. Look at the textbox after “Step 1: Get your code”

  3. Look for the value of “src” attribute:
  4. Replace “&” with “&”:
  5. Replace “sec” value with “rss”:

Non-Cbox owner

  1. Go to the website / webpage where the CBox is used. E.g.
  2. View the page source code (typically from the View menu > Source or right click the page > View Source)
  3. Look for the <iframe tag and the “src” attribute value:
    hosted by

  4. Replace “sec” value with “rss”:


It seems to be totally undocumented in the Cbox site and I guess it’s a hidden treasure. Now do us treasure hunters get any rewards?

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If at first you don’t succeed try try again…

QWOP finish screenshot

It has come a long way from my doing the Funky Chicken Leg as seen below, to beat the game literally on 1 knee
QWOP Funky Chicken Leg cheat way of winning

P.S. For those wondering how far back you can go, there is a block at the -3m position. Yes I did try hahaha
QWOP block at -3m screenshot

Fun, frustrating, fulfilling game and pretty inspirational all from a simple running game!

For some videos check out Youtube QWOP search. Perhaps I’ll make a few videos of how to beat the game: the Funky Chicken Leg way (or other non-running methods) and also the proper way to run (or at least the way I do, because I don’t think my method is optimal)

Happy playing people!

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Johnny Lee Wii Remote Hack

From what Hak 5 Episode 404 with their Multi-Touch Mini to a Wii Remote Hack to get you a multi-touch interactive whiteboard and much more. | Download the video | Project Page

  • 1024×768 infrared camera with built-in hardware blob tracking of up to 4 points @ 100Hz
  • +/-3g 8-bit 3-axis accelerometer @ 100Hz
  • He even has the Steadycam just like Hak 5 Season 1 Episode 4.5

    Now maybe I should go buy a Wii-mote…

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    David Pogue on the Music Wars

    Was going through the TED talks and just had to play David Pogue’s take on the Music Wars. Download the video there here

    Sung to the tune of Piano Man:

    It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday
    The record store’s closed for the night
    So I fire up the old iTunes Music Store
    And soon I am feeling all right

    I know Steve Jobs can find me a melody
    With one dollar pricing that rocks
    I can type in a track
    And get album names back
    While still in my PJs and socks

    Sell us a song, you’re the music man
    My iPod’s still got 10 gigs to go
    Yes, we might prefer more compatibility
    But Steve likes to run the whole show

    I heard Desperate Housewives was great last night
    But I had a bad piece of cod
    As I threw up my meal
    I thought it’s no big deal
    I’ll watch it tonight on my ‘Pod

    And now all of the networks are joining in
    Two bucks a show without ads
    It’s a business those guys always wanted to try
    But only Steve Job had the ‘nads

    Sung to the tune of I’ve Got You Babe:

    They say we’re young, don’t watch TV
    They say the Internet is all we see
    But that’s not true, they’ve got it wrong
    See all our shows are just two minutes long

    Hey, I’ve got YouTube
    I’ve got YouTube

    Tribute to the RIAA (sung to YMCA):

    Young man, you were surfing along,
    And then young man, you downloaded a song,
    And then dumb man, copied it to your ‘pod
    Then a phone call came to tell you

    You’ve just been sued by the R-I-A-A
    You’ve just been screwed by the R-I-A-A
    Their attorneys say you’ve committed a crime
    And there better not be a next time

    They’ve lost their minds at the R-I-A-A
    Justice is blind at the R-I-A-A
    You’re depriving the bands
    You are learning to steal
    You can’t do whatever you feel

    CD sales have dropped every year
    They’re not greedy,
    They’re just quaking with fear
    Yes indeedy
    What if their end is near
    And we download all our music

    Yeah that would piss off the R-I-A-A
    No plastic discs from the R-I-A-A
    What a way to make friends
    It’s a plan that can’t fail
    All your customers off to jail

    And who’ll be next for the R-I-A-A
    What else is vexing the R-I-A-A
    Maybe whistling a tune
    Maybe humming along
    Maybe mocking them in a song

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    Patch your DNS

    **2008-08-29 Update here**
    For those who haven’t heard about the DNS threat recently head over to Doxpara Research to test and see if you DNS name server’s are vulnerable. For public knowledge as of the 9th of August 2008 that TelBru‘s name servers for e-Speed (using residential 512kbit/s line) and I would guess Zoom! are vulnerable as show below:
    E-Speed DNS vulnerable
    Tried using all the name servers as listed on Interenet Assigned Numbers Authority so with that everybody do change your DNS settings to use OpenDNS (Nameservers:, and be a happy camper knowing that your Internet is safe safer.
    The safety of OpenDNS:
    OpenDNS safe

    **2008-08-29 Update**
    Seems like Telbru has patched their servers. Sweet. Did anybody else have timeout issues when they switched to OpenDNS?

    Nonspoofable source to test your DNS servers:

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