The Brunei Times Unofficial Android App beta

After hearing that the Brunei Times introduced their iPad app and discovering that there is a mobile e-paper for iOS devices that served regular jpg files, I thought it would be great to have an Android app to do something similar to the iPad app.


  • Downloads current days paper and saves to SD card (/sdcard/Pictures/bt/date)
  • Pages download in the background
  • If all pages are downloaded, no further network connection is needed


  • Add home screen for listing all previously downloaded papers
  • Possibly find the high resolution images used in the iPad app
  • Notification of download status
  • Carousel image gallery with multi-touch zoom as seen in image viewers (swipe to move page to page)

So after dusting off some Android development cobwebs I have managed to get the following beta app for your feedback =)

Direct APK download



4 thoughts on “The Brunei Times Unofficial Android App beta

    1. Windows 8 is a desktop operating system and I would think regular access to a browser bookmark would be sufficient for most. Alternatively there is always my Brunei Times E-Paper downloader.

      With regards to Windows Phone 7, asides from not having a Windows Phone, I don’t really use Windows and thus the development tools are not really available for Linux and OS X which I use. I guess work could be done in a virtual machine but I would be less than ideal. Also I’m not sure if Windows Phone 7 allows packaging of apps outside their Market. I’ve heard of home brew but I’m not sure if it allows distributable installers. This is the reason I love Android: the development tools are available on all platforms and you can pass an apk installer to anybody who can then install it as long as they make some changes in their settings.

  1. I like the app! Also i want to tell you that I think you could add a feature where you’d choose weather to save the downloaded newspapers to the gallery or choose not save it. Just a suggestion :) hehe

    1. Thanks for the feedback =) I could make this a setting in the future. You can actually go to /sdcard/Pictures/bt/ folder and delete older downloaded images if you wish.

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